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     Glass on Metal®, a magazine pertaining to  vitreous enamel and related arts, is published five times a year by Thompson Enamel, Inc., a manufacturer and distributor of enamel and enameling related products. 

Glass on Metal's Æ goal is to educate the public about the concept of glass on metal, and to open communication among users of enamel.  Glass on Metal Æ is a registered trademark of Thompson Enamel, Inc.

     All information contained herein is copyright © 2013, Glass on Metal Magazine and W.W. Carpneter Enamel Foundation.  All rights reserved. 

Reproduction requires written permission, and proper credit must be given.  Copyright and registered trademark notices must remain intact.

Editorial Office
     Send unsolicited material, comments, or questions to the following address: 

Glass on Metal® Magazine
650 Colfax Ave.
Bellevue, KY ; 41073 USA.
Phone:(859) 291-3800, fax:(859) 291-1849.


Please send text in pdf if you are able and pictures in png if quality allows. It helps for better quality.

Slides, transparencies or photos and hard copy are also acceptable.  If slides have a copyright © notice, you must send permission to reproduce.  Be sure to include descriptive information on slides, i.e., title, size technique, material, etc.

     The opinions of guest editorials or reviews are not necessarily those of Glass on Metal Æ or Thompson Enamel, Inc.

     Woodrow W. Carpenter - Cold Spring, Kentucky
     W.W. Carpenter Enamel Foundation - Bellevue, Kentucky

Editor/Site Manager
     Tom Ellis - Newport, Kentucky

Contributing Editors
     Woodrow W. Carpenter - Cold Spring, Kentucky

     Miriam Fastag - Mexico City, Mexico

     Bill Helwig - Newport, Kentucky

     Edmund Maþow - Geisenfeld, Germany

     Panicos E. Michaelides - Limassol, Cyprus

     Erika Speel - London, England

Glass on Metal © Magazine
650 Colfax Avenue
Bellevue, Kentucky  41073

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