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Past Articles from Glass on Metal

Inview:  Miguel Angel Pineda
by Miriam Fastag
from Volume 10, Number 1, February 1991

Pineda 1

Pineda 5     Miguel Angel Pineda is a Mexican artist who has worked, fostered and cultivated enameling in his country.  His earliest contact with this art was when he met the first person that introduced enameling into Mexico - the American born artist Maggie Howe - with whom he studied between 1958 and 1960.  Later on, he devoted himself to experimenting on his own, learning different techniques and developing a very keen interest towards pre-Hispanic art.  To this day, he has created a vast selection of pieces on this subject, as well as jewelry, trays, vases and ashtrays.  His techniques include cloisonne, Limoges, wet packing and particularly champleve.  He has devoted himself entirely to enameling since 1966.

Pineda 2

Pineda 4     Mr. Pineda was born in Mexico City in 1940.  His works have been exhibited in Seville, Spain 1967; Tudor House Gallery, New York 1968; Permanent exhibitor in Mexico City's "Bazar del Sabado", which is an exhibition center founded in 1961 by Maggie Howe and others.  A special committee evaluates an artist's work before accepting him as a permanent member of this renowned center, 1972; Barcelona, Spain 1973; Lunt Gallery, New Jersey, Vincent Lippe Corp., New York 1974; Galeria Palomita Blanca, Cuernavaca, Mexico, Galeria Akari, Cuernavaca, Mexico 1975.

Pineda 3

Pineda 6     He is also the creator of the panels decorating the 36 doors of the famous "Shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe" in Mexico City.  The panels (15" x 32") are made up of sections of champleve enamel on copper.  It took him three years to plan, design and carry out this work.

     Presently, he has been appointed to make a religious image of the Virgin of Guadalupe, to be placed in the chapel of San Lorenzo in the Vatican towards the end of this year.  It is a single piece of copper measuring 2 ft. by 3 ft., enameled with mixed techniques.

Pineda 7     He is also working on another special order for cibaries (place in a church where consecrated things are deposited) for the Sanctuary of Puebla and the Sanctuary of Merida, both in Mexico. 



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